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EcoEpistemology and Destabilizing Whiteness with Jay Potter, pt. 1

April 28, 2020

Show Notes

You might be thinking right now, “I don’t know what ecoepistemology is or even epistemology but that doesn’t look very much like God-talk, Sabrina!” Well, okay, my conversation with Jay Potter is definitely more on the philosophical side, but all aspiring theologians, including myself, would do well to deliberately engage philosophy once in a while, instead of letting it sit as a by-product of working with theological concerns. Good theologians might also consider how their theology speaks to all living things (eco-theology!), not just human beings.

In this first part of my conversation with Jay, we learn what EcoEpistemology is, how Jay chose to include New Materialism, Navajo thought, and Jainism in his dissertation, and we begin to look at the thread that ties the entire conversation together: destabilizing whiteness. Bonus: if you are familiar with process theology, you'll hear some echoes!

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Special thanks to Mason Mennenga, who mixed the show, and to Charlie, who needs to give all of these development projects a rest and get some sleep.