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EcoEpistemology and Destabilizing Whiteness with Jay Potter, pt. 2

May 12, 2020

Show Notes

Here’s the rest of my conversation with Jay! We learn about New Materialism, destabilizing whiteness (and the patriarchy, a little bit!), and audiological diffraction.

New Materialism is a way of considering the world from material but that sees it as more than merely inert matter, which sees creativity and diversity as emergent properties of the universe. It is made up of a transdisciplinary assemblage of thinkers that confront dualisms in all forms, from both scientism and religious dogmatism, in order to find fissures between that can develop a more whole view of the world as intra-active participants.

Recommended Resources:

Contact Jay if you need help accessing any of the resources above or if you want to talk more:

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Music by Matthew Scott

Special thanks to Mason Mennenga, who mixed the show, and to Charlie, who needs to give all of these development projects a rest and get some sleep.