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Intro to Patristic Universalism, with Ambrose Andreano

February 20, 2021

Show Notes

Episode 18: Intro to Patristic Universalism, with Ambrose Andreano

Origen, among some other Early Church Fathers, saw the fires of hell as purification and restoration, not as eternal torment. Listen in on this conversation with Ambrose Andreano as he answers some of my questions on patristic universalism.

Ambrose Andreano is an Eastern Orthodox mystic and aspiring lay theologian who specializes in the writings of Origen of Alexandria. He co-hosted The Patristics Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio and created the website Black Lion Academy, where he published biblical commentary, as well as philosophical and theological meditations.

Note: Black Lion Academy website is not accessible, but you can get a look at Ambrose's essays here:


Get started with Origen:

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Special thanks to Mason Mennenga, who mixed the show, and to Charlie, who needs to give all of these development projects a rest and get some sleep.